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Attorney: Lin Wood Subpoenas info on Plumbing Issues that Halted Counting

Attorney Lin Wood Today Subpoenas all video records from Twelve a.m. Nov 3rd 2020 to Twelve Ten a.m. Nov 5th. Including all backup copies of video used for disaster recovery. He also includes all of the information related to the “plumbing issue” that caused counting in GA to be suspended.

The Subpoena reads as follows:

The term “Premises” refers to the improvements located at 1 State Farm Drive, The Premises refers to the improvements located at State Farm Drive, Atlanta, Georgia 30303.

The “Premises” includes but is not limited to the Suite located on Swing Level, Room 604, the hallway where said Suite
Room is Located on Swing Level, Room 604′ the hallway where said Suite/Room is located’ any and all elevators providing any access to the floor of the Premises which said Suite Room is located, and any and all loading docks and loading dock entrances to the Promises

The things to be produced are as follows:

  1. Any and all recordings of any format’ whether digital or otherwise, of the Premises, recorded at any time from 12:00 a.m. on November 3, 2020, through and including 12:10 … on November 5, 2000 (“Recordings”);
  2. Any and all storage media such as back-up tapes or similar devices which are stored and/or used primarily for “disaster Recovery” of the Recordings
  3. Any and all deleted versions of the Recordings
  4. Any and all documents, including but not limited to work orders, repair orders, incident logs, and correspondence, referring or related to any pluming issues within the Premises, including but not limited to malfunctioning or broken water pipes and malfunctioning, leaking, or broken toilets within the Premises, relating to any plumbing issues at the Premises occurring at any time
    from 12:00 am on November 3, 2020, through and including 12:00a.m. November 5, 2000

This information was tweeted this afternoon by Lin Wood as follows:

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