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Cases listed by state filed by the Trump Campaign

Electors from each state meet on 14 December to formally nominate the next president.

Realistically, this is the point at which the window closes for legal challenges, although there are remote scenarios where cases could continue beyond this date.

Here is a listing of the current cases by state.


The Trump campaign is seeking to block the certification of the results in the state, alleging unfair voting practises.

President Trump’s legal team say voters in Democrat-leaning areas were given more of an opportunity to correct any mistakes on their postal ballots – but on 21 November a judge in Pennsylvania rejected their case, saying it presented “strained legal arguments without merit”.

On 22 November, Trump’s team confirmed they were appealing against the decision.

In the lawsuit, they also allege more than 680,000 postal ballots were counted without proper oversight from poll watchers.


Mr Trump won the state in 2016 by his slimmest margin – just over 10,700 votes – and Mr Biden is projected as the winner here in 2020.

A lawsuit filed on 9 November in Michigan looked to block the certification of results in Wayne County, citing further complaints from poll watchers. This was rejected on 13 November.

On 11 November, the Trump campaign filed a federal lawsuit which largely repeats the claims made above – but has since dropped the challenge.

The results have now been certified at county level, and state election officials certified the results on 23 November.


Mr Biden is the projected winner here – the results will be certified by state election officials on 24 November.

On 17 November, President Trump’s legal team filed a lawsuit, asking that Trump be named the winner in Nevada or that the results be void with no winner certified.

The suit claims “fraud and abuse renders the purported results of the Nevada election illegitimate” – with Trump’s legal team alleging 15,000 people who lived out of state illegally voted, without providing evidence.


The Trump campaign filed a lawsuit in Arizona on 7 November, claiming some legal votes were rejected.

The case cites declarations by some poll watchers and two voters who claim they had problems with voting machines.

But Arizona’s Secretary of State said this was “grasping at straws”, and on 13 November Trump’s team dropped the suit.

A lawsuit was filed in Georgia’s Chatham County to pause the count on 4 November, alleging problems with ballot processing.

Georgia Republican chairman David Shafer tweeted that party observers saw a woman “mix over 50 ballots into the stack of uncounted absentee ballots”.

On 5 November, a judge dismissed this lawsuit, saying there was “no evidence” of improper ballot mixing.

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