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Chehalis Washington: Dozens Anticipating L&I Confrontation at Spiffy’s

Kelli Stewart of People’s Rights Washington poses with a sign during a peaceful protest at Spiffy’s Restaurant and Bakery in South Chehalis on Wednesday.Jared Wenzelburger /
Chehalis Washington: Dozens Anticipating L&I Confrontation at Spiffy’s

According to facebook posts and owner Rod Samuelson, L&I staff arrived at the restaurant earlier that afternoon, telling staffers that the restaurant had to close its doors, and that they would return in two hours. Samuelson has been vocal about his reopening of the restaurant in defiance of state COVID-19 orders  — in an interview this week, he said he had a “plan b” for when L&I visited to address the restaurant’s violations.

“Our manager made a real loud statement in the restaurant. Said ‘ladies and gentlemen, L&I is here, and they want us to close,’” Samuelson said. He described customers standing up and approaching the L&I personnel, who eventually left. “I said ‘they’re not gonna be back. Not today.’”

Even so, a “call to action” soon spread through social media, one asking for “supporters to film and keep the peace” when L&I returned. Kelli Stewart said she brought 20 people from Clark County, making an hour and a half drive. Stewart got a “call to action” through the organization she works with, People’s Rights — a new organization headed by anti-government activist Ammon Bundy, who famously led a 2016 armed occupation and standoff with the federal government in Oregon.

Stewart said the plan now is to figure out which L&I employee is “targeting” Spiffy’s, to find his home, and to protest outside. It’s a tactic People’s Rights has employed before. Stewart noted that the organization also supports Mossyrock, which recently passed an ordinance stating the city “will not recognize” Gov. Jay Inslee’s newest round of COVID-19 restrictions — an ordinance local and state officials say holds no water and does not supersede state mandates.

“We’ll stand behind the city 100 percent,” she said. “It should always be up to a local jurisdiction.”

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  • Robert Johnston

    This fight and action needs to spread like wildfire all over America. Time to stand up and resist the socialist take over.

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