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Coronavirus variant will become the dominant version by March

In a study The U.S. Centers for Disease Control found it likely that the United Kingdom’s highly contagious variant of Covid-19 will likely be the dominant strain by March.

The mutated version of coronavirus was identified in December in the United Kingdom. Identified as B.1.1.7 this form of COVID has mutations that allow easier infection and spread between people. It is believed that this variant does not cause more severe disease in the infected people.

Only a small percentage of the millions of coronavirus infections in the United States have been tested. So far it has been detected in 12 U.S. states with a total of 76 cases of the mutated virus. As a result is unknown how widespread B.1.1.7 might be. Experts estimate that the variant currently causes less than half a percent of U.S. COVID-19 cases.

Because of the mutation, B.1.1.7 has the potential to explode among the population.

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