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Democrat: Steve Bullock Governor of Montana filed Amicus in Support Of Defendants


Steve Bullock, in his official capacity as Governorof Montana, respectfully moves for leave to file a brief as amicus curiae respecting the motions for leave to file a bill of complaint and for a preliminary injunction in this case (i) without 10 days’ advance notice to the parties of its intent to file as ordinarily required by Supreme Court Rule 37.2(a), and (ii) in an unbound format on 8½-by-11- inch paper rather than in booklet form. See Sup. Ct. R. 37.

Plaintiff filed its motion for leave to file a bill of complaint in this matter on December 7, 2020. On December 8, the Court requested responses to the motion by 3 p.m. on Thursday, December 10. In light of this expedited briefing schedule, it was not feasible to provide 10 days’ notice to the parties. In addition, the compressed schedule prevented Governor Bullock from having the brief finalized in sufficient time to allow it to be printed and filed in booklet form. Plaintiff and Defendants have been notified of Governor Bullock’s intent to file an amicus brief. When notified, counsel for Pennsylvania consented to the filing of this brief, and
counsel for Wisconsin and Georgia informed Governor Bullock that they did not object. Counsel for Michigan and Texas have not yet responded to Governor Bullock’s request for consent. As set forth in the enclosed brief, the undersigned amicus has a strong interest in the outcome of this case. Governor Bullock, in his official capacity, has an important interest in governors and state executive

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