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Donald Trump is the “underdog” in Online Betting Odds

President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden depicted in a cartoon. Has Donald Trump and Joe Biden in their sports book betting under politics. The current odds have President Trump as the under dog. This seems unlikely and maybe Trump is a good bet to make some cash tomorrow on the election.

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is leading in most national and state-level polls one day before Election Day, leaving his supporters cautiously optimistic as they near the finish line.

Polling shows Biden with leads in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin — three states that contributed to President Trump’s unexpected victory in 2016. The former vice president is also making inroads in other battlegrounds such as Florida, North Carolina, Ohio and Georgia.

The FiveThirtyEight forecasting model gives Biden a 90 percent chance of winning the election, but Democrats say they aren’t relying heavily on the polls, eager to avoid another 2016 scenario where they appeared overconfident. 

Clinton had a similar advantage a month from Election Day four years ago. In 2016, FiveThirtyEight’s Election Day model estimated her chances of winning the Keystone State at 77%.

Understandably, this track record gives Trump supporters solace, even as Biden’s backers are confident the race is heading their way. The Biden camp also believes their voter demographics are going to look much different than Clinton’s – and even different from those showing up at Biden’s rallies.

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