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GA: Counting stopped in Chatham County, Shenanigans in Fulton County.

Chatham County election officials say they will not finish tabulating results until Wednesday.

Local Democrats and Republicans are keeping a close eye on runoff returns, remaining optimistic their candidates will come out on top.

Though Georgia flipped blue in the general election, local GOP supporters say they’re not giving up just yet

The results are currently to close to call with Ossoff and Perdue in a tie of 50% to 50% while Warnock has 50.4% of the vote to 49.6% for Loeffler.

There were some shenanigans in Fulton County that required a Judge to resolve. The judge order a counting facility to be rearranged so that observers could get closer to the counting process, The same judge also ordered cardboard posters removed from the line of sight to the counting.

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