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GA recount finds missing votes in a 3rd county

The audit of votes in the presidential race revealed missing votes in Walton County.

Two hundred eighty-four ballots were added from the Between precinct. They netted 176 votes for President Donald Trump.

The certified totals as of last week showed Trump, the Republican incumbent, with 37,617, or 74.03%, of 50,811 votes in Walton County.

But as of Tuesday afternoon, Trump’s local haul had risen to 37,842, or 74.06% of 51,095 votes.

Democratic nominee Joe Biden came in a distant second in Walton County at 12,682 votes, or 24.82%. He was at 12,633 after the certification last week.

Libertarian candidate Jo Jorgensen gained 10 votes. She finished at 571, or 1.12%.

Lori Wood, chairwoman of the Board of Election, said the Between precinct had two scanners.

“One of them got uploaded and another one didn’t,” she said.

Wood said she was confident the error would have been found and all votes counted.

“We would have discovered it. Maybe not this week, but we would have discovered it,” she said. “The audit brought it to our attention sooner.”

Georgia Public Broadcasting reported that of the counties that have completed their audits from the presidential election, 57 had no change in their original results, 21 were within a vote and 32 were within 10 votes.

In addition to the error in Walton County, two other mistakes have narrowed Trump’s deficit in Georgia.

Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger’s office cited human error and “gross negligence” in 2,600 missing votes in Floyd County. Raffensperger’s office called for the Floyd County election manager to resign, but Wood said the Walton County elections officials have taken no such calls from Atlanta.

In Fayette County, according to GPB, a memory card was scanned but not uploaded to the county’s electronic results.

As of 4 p.m. Tuesday, Biden led Trump by 13,977 votes out of nearly 5 million in Georgia. Should the former vice president’s lead hold, he would be the first Democrat to carry Georgia since 1992.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported the secretary of state’s office will release the audited numbers from all 159 counties at once, likely on Thursday, on a website that will include electronic tabulations, scanned images of tally sheets and other supporting documents.

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