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GAB a Freedom of Speech social network by Andrew Torba

Gab is a Freedom of Speech platform.

Gab launched publicly in May 2017. A microblogging platform, Gab has been described as similar to Twitter.

In February 2019, Gab launched Dissenter, a browser extension and website that allows Gab users to make comments on content hosted on any website via an overlay visible only to those logged into Dissenter or using the extension.

In April 2019, Dissenter was removed from the Firefox Add-ons website and the Chrome Web Store for violation of their policies. In response Gab launched and also maintains a Dissenter web browser.

The browser is available for download Here on

Gab is banned from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store for refusing to censor speech for Google and Apple, but you can still install the Android app on your phone.

You can get the app from GAB here along with instructions to Get the Gab app for iOS:

Gab is the home of free speech online. This application is for our social network. All are welcome to speak freely.

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