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How Progressive Insurance lost my business and saved me Car Insurance

My name is Jeffrey Nelson and I am the owner of News Verifier Media Like many of you during this pandemic budgeting and money issues have been tricky from time to time.

Today I needed to have an extension on my insurance payment that I have been paying to progressive faithfully and on time for more then a year.

I called progressive and asked them to give me a payment extension on my pay date for one week. You see I did not want to dip into the money I have saved to pay my rent.

Progressive was professional and informed me that because this was my renewal payment that I did not qualify for an extension. This information caused me to wonder how much they pay for advertising to acquire new customers but they couldn’t keep me going for $157.00 for one week.

I informed progressive that I would be allowing my policy to expire on Oct 22 as scheduled and told the agent this is how you lose customers.

After my conversation with progressive I went down the insurance rabbit hole looking for something I could afford on my current budget that I could start on my policy end date. I did not want to experience a lapse in coverage because this can be costly.

I found myself at The Zebra who saved me $120.00 THAT’S RIGHT $120! per month.

My new policy is with Kemper it cost $37.00 to start and is $34.00 per month. My old policy cost $180.00 to start and was $157.00 monthly for similar coverage. In short progressive was ripping me off!

I strongly recommend The Zebra to get a munch better deal on car insurance.

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