Saturday, January 22

Michigan election official leaning toward vote audit

One of the two Republicans on the four-member Michigan Board of State Canvassers on Thursday said he is leaning toward calling for a delay in the certification of the state’s election results until an official audit has been completed.

“I do think with all of the potential problems, if any of them are true, an audit is appropriate,” Norman Shinkle said in a telephone interview with The Washington Post. “I take one step at a time, and if we can get more information, why not?”

Shinkle reportedly cited among his concerns a since-debunked claim from President Trump and his allies that Dominion Voting Systems, the Colorado-based manufacturer of voting machines, deleted thousands of votes that had been cast in favor of the president.

“If Dominion was fudging votes, that’s a serious problem,” he said. “If it’s true. I don’t know. I have to be convinced of it. That’s why the audit makes sense.”

Shinkle has faced scrutiny after his wife, Mary Shinkle, filed an affidavit supporting a since-withdrawn federal lawsuit by the Trump campaign.

“That’s almost an accusation against marriage,” he told the Post. “My wife can do whatever she wants to do.”

Shinkle added that he has been getting calls from fellow Republicans trying to convince him to not certify the vote in Michigan, which The Associated Press and other news outlets projected President-elect Joe Biden would win.

AP projections showed Biden leading Trump in the state by more than 155,000 votes as of Thursday.

Shinkle told the Post on Thursday that, “my job is to try to do the right thing for the vote in Michigan

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