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MILWAUKEE: Trump campaign objections of recount

Within five minutes of the commission opening up the recount, a representative from the Trump campaign expressed concerns with the process.

He said with the setup, the observers cannot view the ballots and gave a list of demands. He asked that this be cleared up before any counting of the ballots is done.

“I’ve been informed by our observers that this procedure does not allow them to see and observe the ballots and I object to that,” said Stewart Karge, a Trump representative.

The Trump campaign has also asked for information based on the absentee ballot applications.

This is the complete list of objections:

1 The Trump campaign has been informed by observers, whether sitting or standing, that they are unable to see through plexiglass and observe the ballots and materials being reviewed by election workers and, therefore, they believe there is an inadequate opportunity to observe the ballots. Therefore, they are requesting items 2-7. Also, they want to ensure that there is a Trump observer at each table while recount is occurring.
2 Requesting that all written applications for absentee ballots are present during the recount and are set aside for observation.
3 Requesting that all absentee ballot envelopes without a written application are set aside for observation.
4 Requesting that all absentee ballot envelopes with different ink are set aside for observation.
5 Requesting that all absentee ballot logs are available, that they include all absentee applications (i.e., online requests) and are set aside for observation.
6 Requesting that all absentee envelopes and applications that identify indefinitely confined voters are set aside for observation.
7 Requesting that all copies or other evidence of all photo identification for any absentee ballot identification are et aside for observation.
8 Requesting that all data for all the tabulating machines and all images of the ballots be preserved today and available for observation. And, that any and all audit trails and/or error trails from tabulating machines from Nov. 2-5, 2020, be made available for observation, as well as the names of any technicians that performed any of this work or updates during Nov. 2-5, 2020.

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