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Multiple States Filed a Motion to Intervene Today

The States of Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana,
Mississippi, South Carolina, and Utah (“Intervening
States”), through their undersigned counsel,
respectfully file this motion for leave to intervene in
this action and join Plaintiffs’ Bill of Complaint, as
modified by proposed intervenor President Donald J.
Trump, in the event that this Court grants Plaintiff
leave to file the Bill of Complaint. In support of this
Motion, the Intervening States state as follows:

This Court permits States to intervene in original
actions when “the issues in the litigation are so
related to the possible interests of [the intervening
states] … in the subject matter of th[e] suit, that the
just, orderly, and effective determination of such
issues requires that they be adjudicated in a
proceeding in which all the interested parties are
before the Court.” United States v. Louisiana, 354
U.S. 515, 515–16 (1957) (granting Alabama, Florida,
Mississippi, and Texas leave to intervene); see also,
e.g., Delaware v. New York, 507 U.S. 490, 497 (1993)
(permitting Michigan, Maryland, Nebraska, and the
District of Columbia to intervene); Texas v. New
Jersey, 373 U.S. 948 (1963) (granting Florida’s motion
to intervene). The Court’s power to permit
intervention arises from both “the Federal Rules of
Civil Procedure” and the “general equity powers” of
the Court. United States v. Louisiana, 354 U.S. at
515; see also Sup. Ct. R. 17.2 (providing that, in an
original action, “[t]he form of pleadings and motions
prescribed by the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure is

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