Monday, August 2




News Verifier

The News Verifier Tool is Currently Offline for Development does not fact check news media websites. We have designed a news verification system that is made like a virus checker. We will compare a news article URL to our list of know Fake or misleading news providers and conspiracy websites. 

To use locate the NewsVerifier tool at the top of our website and paste the URL you wish to check into the tool bar.  Then click on newsverifier “blue button” The system will check the url to see if the site is a trusted news source. If you see a message that syas “Disabled for programming” The system is down for maintenance. This just means we are doing our best to provide accurate and fair information.

A sample of known sites that might not be trusted or is misleading is below. 

The list displayed is not static.

Sites may be added or removed from the list on a regular basis to keep the system accurate.