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President Trump fighting election results, promises more campaign rallies.

Al gore incorrectly declared president elect

The president is expected to hold a number of campaign-style rallies in the coming weeks where he will highlight ongoing litigation over the outcome of the election and potential recounts, NBC, CNN and Axios reported Sunday.

The rallies are likely to feature the president’s unfounded complaints of voter fraud; neither he nor his campaign have yet to release any proof of impropriety.

The likelihood of more campaign rallies comes after election analysts called the race for Joe Biden, determining Trump was too far behind, as the former vice president reached 270 electoral votes in winning Pennsylvania. Since then, Trump has lashed out on Twitter in a number of posts that featured capital letters and claims that he’d actually won the race.

Some close advisers to the president have pressured him to simply concede the race while others are backing his approach to exhaust all legal options and holding rallies to energize supporters, many of whom have held daily rallies in swing states.

Earlier Sunday, the Associated Press and CNN reported Jared Kushner was among those urging the president to concede. Later in the evening, the Wall Street Journal and CNN’s Jake Tapper reported that Kushner was supporting the president in moving forward in the courts and with rallies.

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