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Trump lawyers allege Arizona election fraud

President Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani urged Arizona state legislators to get to the bottom of an alleged voter fraud conspiracy during a “hearing” Monday, the same day that the state certified the election for Democratic President-elect Joe Biden.

“You also had numerous situations of your workers, your citizens, observing the poll officials helping people vote to the point of telling them who to vote for,” Giuliani said. “Poll workers being observed changing votes, taking ambiguous votes and making sure they were cast for Biden.”

Giuliani questioned retired Army Col. Phil Waldron, presented as a cybersecurity expert during the meeting, which was attended by Arizona state lawmakers and Rep. Paul Gosar, R-Ariz. Waldron also spoke at Giuliani’s meeting about election fraud concerns with Pennsylvania state lawmakers last week.

Waldron warned of potential voter fraud in Arizona’s Maricopa and Pima Counties, the state’s two most populous counties, and said that Dominion’s voting machines are vulnerable to hackers or on-site manipulation.

Waldron claimed that a Maricopa County official said the county did not validate signatures on some ballots, creating a “1.9 million vote fraud potential.” That official has not produced an affidavit, he said. Waldron also claimed that a witness from Pima County said votes were “embedded” in various precincts to achieve a Biden win.

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