Thursday, May 6




WATCH: Ma’Khia Bryant Body Cam Footage And 911 Call.

Image captured from body cam showing Ma’Khia Bryant with a knife in her hand as she is lunging towards another teenager.

The video in this article shows the 911 call and police arriving at a domestic dispute involving Ma’Khia Bryant and the police shooting her when she lunges at another teenager with a knife.

Moments before the Nation learned the fate of Derek Chauvin for the death of George Floyd a domestic disturbance was taking place where police responded.

Persons at the incident called 911 saying frantically that someone was attacking and trying to stab them you can then hear a 911 dispatcher ask if anyone is armed. The caller responds we need an officer here now.

In the next call we hear a caller say nevermind the police are already here.

At this point the officer is shown arriving at the incident he gets out and speaks to the teen wearing a pink colored jump suit moments later we see Ma’Khia attacking her with a knife in her hand then the officer fires his weapon.

Then we hear an unnamed individual saying you shot my baby? Are you f**ng kidding me?

The officer involved in this shooting is on administrative leave.

The shooting has sparked outrage and protests accross the country.

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